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Which types can be divided into PE plastic bags

Sante Information| 2022-01-21|admin

Today, the world's most widely used polymer materials are polymerized from ethylene, and are divided into high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene, low density polyethylene according to different density. So what kind of species can the PE plastic bag are divided into?  
1, general PE plastic bag:  
Generally, the PE plastic bag production environment is produced under an environmental demand, and it is applied to no special demand.  
2, dust-free PE plastic bag:  
The dust-free PE plastic bag manufacturing environment and the quality of raw materials directly affect the cleanliness of the rubber bag clean, clean production in full closed clean room, ensuring that the rubber bag is contaminated;  
3, no silicon PE plastic bag  
Silicon-free PE plastic bags are cut in a dust-free environment to ensure that the plastic bag is not polluted to ensure the cleanliness of the rubber bag.  
4, sterile PE plastic bag  
The production environment of the aseptic PE plastic bag is completed in the Class 100 environment, and the aseptic rubber bag uses a separation operation in the original material and production workshop in the production process to prevent sterile rubber bags from being contaminated outside the production process. None The cutting workshop of the bacterial rubber bag selects high-intensity ultraviolet sterilization effect to ensure sterile quality of the rubber bag.  
5. Medical PE plastic bag:  
Medical PE plastic bag production environment is completed in dust-free grading, the raw material and production workshop and packaging workshop are completely blocked, ensuring high quality and high quality and cleanness requirements of medical PE plastic bags.
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