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Several little common sense when using plastic packaging bags

Sante Information| 2022-01-21|admin

Today, I share a few small knowledge that must be available when using plastic packaging bags in daily life:
Packaging plastic film must have the following characteristics:

First, good barrier
Packaging plastic films should have good barrier to prevent penetration of oxygen and water vapor phase liquid. As a film for food packaging, it is generally possible to block oxygen and bacteria in order to extend the shelf life. For packaging films such as meat, chocolate and biscuits, the barrier properties of water vapors are high, because the meat and chocolate will be dried, and if the biscuits are deteriorated if the biscuits are absorbed. In addition, the film of the packaging metal parts should be capable of blocking oxygen and water vapor because the conditions in which the metal parts are carried out is the oxygen phase water coexistence. The LDPE film that is heats can vapor through oxygen and water, and if it is used for barrier packaging, it must be composite with the barrier material.
Second, heat resistance
Some food packaging require high temperature sterilization, which requires a plastic film with 100 ° C. PE printing bone bag
Third, cold resistance
Many foods need to be refrigerated or frozen. If the refrigerator refrigerator is 2-8 ° C, the frozen temperature can reach a 18 ~ 34 ° C, and some films will become brittle at low temperatures and cannot meet the use requirements, but should be used low temperature. film.
Fourth, hot sealing
According to the demand of storage, transportation and automation packaging, the film is required to have a thermal sealing property, and the temperature of the heat seal is low and the strength of the heat seal is high. Hot shrink bag
Five, better mechanical properties
Thin membranes with high mechanical strength are suitable for mechanization and automated packaging production lines, benefiting and transportation. The strength of the film is high, and it can be thinned, so that the cost can be reduced.
Sixth, printing performance
Printing is mainly decorated and promoted, and modern market competition requires easy printing of film to print and remains. PO print hand bag
Seven, transparency
In the packaging of food, clothing and some daily necessities, there is a product display to be installed for customers to choose. This requires the film to have a high transparency.
Eight, hygienic
Some packaging films will exude chemicals harmful to the human body, so they cannot be used as food and pharmaceutical packaging. Ordinary soft polyvinyl chloride film is high in the content of the chloride monomer in its resin, the plasticizer and stabilizer used does not meet the hygiene requirements and cannot be used as food packaging, which is known for everyone. Recently, it is found that antioxidants in the polyolefin film (such as dinetl groups, BHT, etc.), also harmful to human health, and therefore, some people recommend using vitamin E as an antioxidant.
Nine, operational performance
Automated packaging production line requires film having better mechanical properties, better openivity and suitable friction coefficients, which are called film operation performance. OPP card head bag
Ten, appropriate shrinkage
Due to the development of heat shrink packaging, the shrink film must be required and the shrinkage temperature is soakeurized.
Eleven, saving energy, waste is easy to handle, and low cost
From the perspective of saving energy, the process of manufacturing the film should be as low as possible to consume. The low-cost film is more competitive, and it can also be accepted by the user. Therefore, in the case of the same strength, the thin film is used, regardless of the exemption from saving energy or cost reduction, advantageous. In addition, a large number of film waste has a threat to the environment, and the plastic film is not easy to rot, and it is not easy to degrade the organism. Therefore, how to deal with the film and whether it is easy to handle, which is a problem that the film research and manufacturer should give full attention.
Several simple little knowledge is beneficial to our correct understanding of plastic products, and to avoid excessive temperatures and some uncertain factors affect our lives.

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