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Quartz bag
Name: PE bag  
Material: LDPE  
Features: moisture-proof, seal, transparent  
Uses: Electronic Products, Food, Machinery, Clothes

The PE bag is formed by a new LDPE (low density polyethylene) raw material blow molding, through the sealing of the bag, the bottom of the bag, and the sideways are divided into: PE flat pocket, self-sealing bag, clip bag, envelope bag , Punching bag, hand bag, zip bag, PE film.
1, PE flat bag is the simplest production process, after blowing the film by the machine, then cut into a bag on the bag, the bottom sealing.
2, the self-sealing bag is a bone strip by the machine blown film, can be handed manually. Unlike the clip chain bag, the two bags are generally confused.
3, the clip bag is made from the PE film, plus 2 clamps (this clamp is separate), and the bag is generally a relatively wide indentation on both sides, and the self-sealing bag is not. Self-sealing bag printing has little colors, and the clamp bag can be printed with complex patterns.
4, the envelope bag is like a tongue like an envelope, and a strip is posted on the tongue, and the bag can be sealed. The general apparel is used. There is also a courier bag. It is also one of the envelope bag.
5. The punched tote is a hole in proper position at the top of the flat bag to make it easier to make the bag.
6, the handbag is to add a plastic film in the top of the bag, which is convenient for the bag, which is labor-consuming, and the cost is relatively high.
7, the zipper is to install the zipper in the bag seal and bring the zipper cap.

8. The PE film is a film that does not make a bag after blowing out. It is also divided into a wrapping film and a shrink film.

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Self-sealing bag

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