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How to quickly distinguish plastic bag material? The difference between plastic bag material

Sante Information| 2022-01-21|admin

Nowadays, plastic packaging bags, there are many materials such as PE bags, CPE bags, PVC bags, OPP bags, PP bags, composite bags, etc., consumers should customize the same bag of packaging bags if they take a picture. , It is very difficult, because the pictures taken by the above bags are almost the same, just see pictures, the manufacturers in the power can only determine between several materials, accurate is a bit difficult.
In addition to sending samples to professional manufacturers, how do consumers who do be parallel to quickly distinguish the material of the bag? I have a simple lap in my side.

Plastic bag
PE material: The material is soft, but the transparency is not enough, which is more like, the pull is good, and it is not easy to explode.
PP material: The body is hard, but the transparency is relatively high, clearer, and the tension is not very good, easy to explode.
PO: The material is brittle, the transparency is not high enough, and it is more than the PE, it is a bit of white color, and the tension is not very good.
OPP: The body is the most, the transparency is the highest, the tension is not enough, but the most explosive port is the most prone to discoloration.
PVC material: The material is soft and hard, can be made according to the customer needs, the transparency can also be taken, because there are hyperflexible materials, ordinary materials and grinding, tensile strength, not easy to tear, It is not easy to explode, because the two layers are made with a machine beer.
PE expensive PP material, in the past two years, due to rising oil prices, the cost of rubber bag has also risen. As for the PO rubber, there is also a particularity, it can be very thin. The thickness that PE and PP can do less. Such a price advantage of PO is more obvious. However, because the PO rubber is almost white, the use is relatively small.

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