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New application of quad-square bag (square bag)

Sante Information| 2022-01-21|admin

In recent years, all four-square bag (square bag) began to be more and more sought after. According to the material, there are three types of PE square bags, PO square bags, and PVC quartet bags, and other materials are relatively small. Mainly used in the dust-proof moisture of the equipment, the dust-proof moisture of carton packaging products, and some plants are also called waterproof bags or stereo bags.  
Since many customers are shipped in the form of logistics, it is basically required to have an inner lining bag in the carton. However, there are many plants to use the flat, and they have not made the form of the bottom, or to make the form of the organ. Those simpler, prices are also lower. Of course, this is also to see their customers' needs, customers have this requirement, you must use this four square bag to make packaging, there is no need to use ordinary PE, PO rubber, more money, and save trouble!  
Foundation bag, polymer polymer (or synthetic resin) is the main component of plastic, in order to improve the performance of plastic, it is necessary to add various auxiliary materials to the polymer to meet the various requirements of plastics, such as fillers. Plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers, colorants, and the like can become a good performance of plastics. The bottom bag is generally based on synthetic resin, and its bottom is square, which is expanded like a carton. The long-width can be different, and "tailor it" is different depending on the product size of the package.  
The bottom bag typically has 5 faces, front and back, two sides, and bottom. The unique construct of the square bag determines that the packaging three-dimensional goods or square products are relatively convenient. This bag is taking into account both the packaging meaning of the microphone bag, but also fully expands new packaging ideas, so now people are now widely used in life production.  
Bottom bag plastic has two polymer structure:  
The linear structure is referred to as a linear polymer compound having such a structure.  
The somatic structure, a high molecular compound having such a structure is a body-type polymer compound. Some polymers have branches, called branched polymers, belonging to the linear structure. Although some polymers have crosslinks between molecules, less crosslinked, referred to as a mesh structure, belonging to a body structure. Two different structures exhibited two opposite performance.
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