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PE plastic bag can be used in high temperature food packaging

Sante Information| 2022-01-23|admin

Polyethylene in the PE rubber bag is a waxy-shaped, and the wax is smooth, and when the low density polyethylene is transparent, the high density polyethylene is opaque. If the PE plastic bag uses a PVC material or recovered plastic, there will be a large safety hazard, as such plastic bags contain a large amount of plasticizers.  
The high-quality PE plastic bag is usually transparent, soft, tough, and the fire will not produce odor. Get the PE rubber bag, you can tear with your hand and tough toughness. The torn bag in the supermarket is the food grade, it is more secure, and it is too touched by hand. Plastic bags made from PE resin materials can be used with confidence, and the public can compare the plastic bags to the plastic bags of the PE class to determine the material of the plastic bag.  
In the PE plastic bag, there is a wide range of applications in product packaging, no special requirements.  
Application field:  
1. Medical equipment packaging, medical product packaging, sterile product packaging, dust-free product packaging  
2, electronic industry parts packaging, direct contact with internal packaging  
3, semiconductor, optical instrument packaging, dust-free indoor product packaging  
4, hard drive, hardware product packaging, components packaging  
5, product packaging, no special requirements for product packaging, etc.
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