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OPP self-adhesive feature

Sante Information| 2022-01-23|admin

OPP plastic bag material is a material in a rubber bag, which Chinese name polypropylene is polypropylene. Oriented, disguised polypropylene, is a kind of polypropylene. And bidirectional polypropylene (BOPP). OPP rubber bag is stretchable Polypropylene, one of the plastic, in fact, is a plastic bag, which is characterized by easy combustion, flame condition: molten drops, yellow blue, less smoke, and continue to burn.  
With the polypropylene film, it has the advantages of high tensile stretch, light, non-toxic taste, environmental protection, wide range of use.  
OPP profile:  
Ultra transparent, smooth, flat. You can process it along the wire bag, self-adhesive bag, card head bag, (paper card OPP self-adhesive bag, pearner OPP card self-adhesive bag), composite bag, composite self-support bag, composite bone bag, Composite three-sided flat pocket, composite block bag.Opp self-adhesive bag  
OPP is a directional tensile polypropylene film having a transparency, crispy, etc. After returning the tongue, it is easy to use, easy to use, beautiful, widely used in clothing, food, printing, stationery, cosmetics, paper and other industries. Various patterns and butterfly holes can also be printed according to customers.  
Difference: OPP film has higher tensile strength, stiffness, transparency, gloss, printing performance, and so on. The price is naturally higher, and the specifications are different. The sealing property of the OPP film is more than doubled, thereby making the moisturizing, preservation of its products, longer preservation time.
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