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Introduction to CPE matte bag

Sante Information| 2022-01-23|admin

CPE matte bag alknice CPE rubber bag, referred to as CPE bag, which is a high molecular material prepared by high density polyethylene (HDPE). It is well dispersed, superior to oxidation resistance, and the toughness is also very good, the hand is soft, which is half-transparent. At present, we are widely used in the field, mainly used in medium and high-end product packaging to enhance product grade. Such as mobile phones, tablet digital, electronic accessories, etc.  
The CPE rubber bag is usually called a scrubbed bag, which has a white translucent, two materials, one is the surface smooth soft, one is a diamond pattern, and it is possible to feel the mask with a hand touch.  
What role is added to CPE in plastic production?  
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